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Yacht and Sailing Video Production

in-house sailing video productions

Yacht and Sailing Video Production

Emily's studio offers an in-house video production service from pre-production to editing, distribution and marketing. Providing companies with a 21st Century way of story telling through video. Working with Emily includes access to specialists in the industry.  Below are examples of the studio's latest videos. Some projects are an example of how this studio can extend itself to branding and marketing.

'Gliding from the Twenties'. Classic Yacht TV x Sandeman Yacht Company commission to produce a yacht for sale marketing video.

'Treasures of the Sea'. Cut from Emily's archive of footage, this was featured on the landing page of Classic Yacht TV

Falmouth based Naval Architect Jack Ross Gifford talks about his recent reading list. Filmed in the Bartlett Library at the National Maritime Museum, this was a promotional video to showcase Jack on Classic Yacht TV.